A few notes on ‘Valduggery’.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I actually quite like the pairing but there are just some aspects to it that rub me the wrong way. The first one being the positively ginormous age gap between the two. Skullduggery was probably palling around with the dinosaurs while Valkyrie’s like fourteen so any kind of romance between them at that stage gets a little weird.

I’m not talking about crushes here because, heck, I’m pretty sure that every person who’s read the books, be they male, female, young, old, human, alien or otherwise, has a crush on Skulduggery so we can’t exactly put any blame there. And I’m totally cool with future fictions that have Valkyrie at least old enough to legally drink.So it’s just the ones that have her as a kid that get a bit squicky…

But to be fair those sort of fictions are few and far between. I love the two of them as friends and don’t mind them being more but I’ve found that stories that have romance tend to detract away from the characters themselves. Valkyrie spontaneously forgets she has magic and becomes some swooning damsel and Skulduggery get’s hit in the head repeatedly with a stupid stick and acts about as savvy as Scapegrace… long story short the romantic stories have the tendency to really, really, suck.

Mainly because they suddenly both become raging nymphomaniacs and seeing as one of them is undeniably a skeleton it just gets… odd. I like the fluff, the affectionate sniping/bickering/bitching and general badassery that they have in the books but when they start jumping into every empty closet, diving under every table and behind every book-shelf it get’s kind of disturbing.

I can’t be the only one who thinks this. I adore Valduggery because, let’s face it, they bicker like an old married couple and it’s practically cannon but aside from the occasional hug and kiss I don’t much like any of the more ‘physical’ aspects of it. I haven’t actually been able to find any Valduggery fan-fiction without the squick so if anyone knows where I can read one I’d greatly appreciate it.


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