oh yeah, with the new size limit for .gifs this thing can finally be posted

what the fuck



wow makoto’s voice actor sure has done a lot of voice porn…



so my roommate melissa works part-time at a thrift shop pricing donations and she happened to come across this gem

and bought it for me because she is a good friend

it’s signed, framed and dated 1976

this is framed ot3 fanart from 1976

it is now hanging on the wall in our living room for everyone to see

life is full of so many wonders

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it’s almost summer so let’s have a giveaway! ❤ 

best of luck to everyone who chooses to enter!

one month until the draw!

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Myers Briggs by Mythical Creatures


INFJ: Phoenix
ESTP: Centaur
INTJ: Basilisk
ESFP: Pegasus
INFP: Unicorn
ESTJ: Hellhound
INTP: Wizard
ESFJ: Angel
ISFJ: Genie
ENTP: Sea Serpent
ISTJ: Vampire
ENFP: Pixie
ISFP: Siren
ENTJ: Griffin
ISTP: Werewolf
ENFJ: Fairie


i can’t believe we live in a world where someone on tumblr can call chris evans a dorito in the tags of some post and have it circulate so widely that robert downey jr calls him that often enough that chris evans gets the joke behind it.

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crying because 50 shades of grey


fifty shades of awful



50 Shades is a lot more interesting if you convince yourself that “there” means “my feet”

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my family and friends trying to get me to leave the house


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Because I am so happy to get back into the world of blogging and to thank everyone for their great and very meaningful support I decided to make this one the best yet :D It features 3 prize packs (1st to 3rd place) and a Canon DSLR camera, wigs and much more. If you follow me just to join, that’s rather disappointing, and Good Luck to everyone.

1st place pack: 1 Canon Eos-400D with 18-55mm lens / 1 new L-email blond and pink wig / 1 new H&M pink skater dress (medium) / 1 pair angel tights / 1 pair eyelashes / 1 eyeshadow palette / 2 deco sticker sheets / 1 Dollywink catalog / 1 purikura clear file / 1 Hello Kitty scalp massager / 4 cute phone straps / 1 My Little Pony (not pictured)

2nd place pack: 1 new L-email blond wig / 1 new pink tutu skirt (one size) / 1 pair ribbon tattoo tights / 1 set of ichigo flatware / 1 My Little Pony / 1 eyeshadow palette / 1 Dollywink catalog / 1 purikura clear file / 3 phone straps

3rd place pack: 1 new L-email pink wig / 1 purikura clear file / 1 My Little Pony / 1 Listen Flavor badge / 2 phone straps


This giveaway is entirely out of my own pocket and not affiliated with any brand or Tumblr

Winners chosen by random number generator 

You must be 16+ to enter (or have parents permission)

You must be willing to provide me an address for prize shipment

Winners will have 3 days to claim prize, if not new winners will be chosen
Open to international participants

Must be following me
Giveaway blogs will not count
1 reblog = 1 entry (likes do not count)

Open until August 1st 11:30pm eastern time

If you’d like to earn more entries go to Moments like Diamonds

Closing in 24 hours enter now while there’s time!

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Laverne Cox corrects Gayle King on CBS

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this one time this bird smacked into our window and it got really injured and couldn’t walk properly so me and my sister tried helping it and gave it water, bread and spent a day nursing it back to health. it looked alright after a while so we took it outside. after about 5 seconds, it did the biggest shit on the table and flew away. i think about that bird a lot. fuck that bird man

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"a writer’s character’s viewpoints don’t reflect the writer’s viewpoints!!!" actually, they do.

that doesnt mean having a, for instance, homophobic character means the author is homophobic. but how is the homophobia treated? is it criticized? is it excused, idealized? is it framed so that the homophobia is clearly wrong? does the inclusion of homophobia in the narrative serve a point?  

writers, especially professional published writers, know that their writing has an impact, and the morals they put forward in their work reflect deeply on themselves. they know how they frame and present their work can completely change the result and effect it has. 

so maybe the character’s viewpoints don’t say much about the writer, but how the writer presents this character and its viewpoints says a hell of a fuckin lot about the writer.

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help me

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How many times can you wear it between washes?


Huh. I think this is the most important thing I’ve ever reblogged.

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