my favorite teen wolf aus are the ones where Derek Hale is happy because it obviously never happens in canon

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The proper way to start conversation


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the best from in the flesh scripts

keep it togETHER SIMON


*does the naruto run down the aisle at my wedding*

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my first submission for the scilesreversebang

thank you so much to the author who picked me, no-appy-polly-loggies! the fic will be revealed later today @ scilesreversebang and on ao3 here so y’all should check it out ♥ ♥ 

t-shirt design 

your fav childhood memory?


Not paying bills


Concept stuff for that CA:TWS college AU I’ve been slowly chipping away at!  Steve’s the honorary captain of his baseball team, and Bucky is… well, I haven’t decided yet.

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Triple discrimination threat. 

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this is the most inaccurate representation of how animals work ive ever seen

The best quality of Hoechlin is the sunshine. 

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I just got into doing cold water splashes in the morning. When we have to wake up at 4 in the morning to be on-set, I will put ice cubes in a bowl and push my face into them. Basically I dunk for apples in this tub of ice. It just wakes everything up right away, but it’s also really good for your blood vessels and your pores, and tightens your skin and gets rid of swelling. Coffee’s not going to work, this is the only way.


you know in hindsight maybe 30 minutes stuck in an elevator was a little too early to resort to cannibalism but none of us had breakfast that morning and we panicked 

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